Porcelain Doll

10 Aug


This is Susan Kay, my real life Porcelain Doll whom I absolutely love working on! Look at her beautiful, flowy, natural golden brown hair shining with these voluptuous waves. Isn’t she breath taking?


Natural Blend Ombré

18 Jul

Love her natural pigments that flow and blend with the lightness of my favorite ombré!

Fabulouse Waves

16 Jul

I love these absolutely stunning, big and voluptuous waves. Absolutely perfect for a birthday night out!

Ombré Extensions

15 Jul

My fabulous model rockin’ her Ombré Keratin Hair Extensions at Venice!

Red Head to Blonde

15 Jul

Turned this super red head to a platinum blonde in one application! And of course added some keratin individual hair extensions with some waves! Happiest birthday to you Allana!

Bridal Party

1 Jul

Here we have one of the beautiful Summer Wedding Bridesmaids of June! She’s rockin’ a Old Style Vintage Updo by Rose Bl, with the most beautiful make-up by Silvia. Updo’s have definitely made a come back to the twenty-first century! L o v e!

Merma-Vibrant Red

24 Jun

Here is a Before and After of my beauty who helped me start the Mermaid Trend a little over a year ago. She’s back to being my little mermaid! With only one application I got her back to the gorgeous Vibrant Red she desired. Also, we added a few Beaded Track Hair Extensions. She’s back to perfection!!


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